Live show


With special guests

  • Wed 21 Jun 2017
  • Doors 8pm-11pm

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Not including booking fee. Tickets sold by Black Box. Admission on door £12 while tickets last. Strictly over 18s only (Photo ID may be requested).


Japanese noise rock band Melt Banana found more success in the U.S. and the U.K. than in their own country, gaining a small but dedicated fan base among American and European punk rock fans.

Although their music sounds noticeably different from any sort of traditional punk, it contains some punk elements: shrieking vocals, overdriven guitars, and one-and-a-half-minute songs. Melt Banana’s unique style, however, comes as a result of the distinctly piercing vocals of lead singer Yasuko O., as well as the frenzied, effect-charged playing of guitarist Agata. Searing, intense, and mind-blowingly fast are perhaps the first adjectives that come to mind when listening to Melt Banana’s music. Try to imagine an even more energetic incarnation of the Boredoms.

Come along to MELT BANANA on Wed 21 Jun…

£10 Buy tickets (Black Box)